Building Systems

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Air Conditioning

Uptown Centre’s air conditioning system is a state of the art “four pipe fan coil” air conditioning system. This system offers simultaneous cooling and heating capabilities with a constant supply of fresh air to the floors. Temperature zoning is extremely flexibile with the ability to provide 20 room sensors on each floor. Room sensors also allow individual occupants to request additional heating and cooling in 30 minute intervals after regular business hours.



Uptown Centre features two direct overhead traction passenger elevators with modern controls that provide access from the parkade to the fourth floor. Rides are smooth, comfortable, and fast. The elevators are oversized to provide a spacious appearance and finished with high-end materials including stainless steel, porcelain tiles, mirrors, and sandblasted glass feature walls.

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Security & CCTV

The building is equipped with an electronic card access control system. Tenant’s staff members are provided with access cards that provide 24 hour access to their premises through card readers installed in the elevators, the parkade, the main entrance and various other building areas.

Closed circuit television cameras are mounted at key locations throughout the building and monitor any activity on a 24/7 basis. On-site security guards patrol the building several times a day for an added security presence. During hours that the building is not open to the public, the systems are monitored and mobile patrol units respond as necessary.



All office floors are equipped with energy efficient, fully recessed fluorescent lighting fixtures complete with deep cell parabolic lenses. Deep cell parabolic lenses direct the light down and reduce glare on computer monitors. All offices and meeting rooms are also individually switched for optimum light control.



Telus and Shaw Cable offer internet and telecommunications services within the building. Telus has installed a fibre optic connection to the building and Uptown Centre is located immediately adjacent to the Telus central office, which allows for maximum bandwidth. Allstream (formerly AT&T Canada) and Microcell also operate switch centres in the immediate area for additional connectivity if required.

Space for Lease

Each suite is filled with the kind of thoughtful features and quality finishes you would expect to find in your perfect office space. Every space has been carefully conceived with its ultimate purpose in mind—no detail overlooked.